Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I think I should mention before saying anything else, that in about 9 hours, I have my Biology A level, which it turns out is horrendously difficult. Made much more difficult by the incompetence of our teacher. >.< So naturally, I write a post and waste about 2 hours on Youtube.
Also, Is naming your post as difficult for you as it is for me? I could just sit there for about an hour staring at the wall and nothing would occur to me. By the by a spider has been staring at me for the past 3 hours as it did about a week ago. No spider, no, I am not trisexual. Also, i hate your species, especially after that traumatizing scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
I have been feeling, to put it mildly, rather horny in the past few weeks. I guess I understand now what Aunty meant by the 'Monster of Hornitude' or whatever it was. It is a cruel, cruel thing. My imagination runs rather wildly, naked too.
Have you yet realized that I can't think of anything useful to say? Me, too. Oh hey, btw I got my name in a magazine! The school magazine, which kind of sucks and there are only about four articles worth reading and the font would make your eyes and ears bleed simultaneously and one of the article actually made me barf and the editor doesn't even know the difference BETWEEN THERE AND THEIR AND THERE ARE TONS OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND SOME ARTICLES ARE CLEARLY RIPPED FROM HARRY POTTER AND...ahem..yeah. But still, It feels nice to have your name in the editorial board. :)
So what should I do now? Clearly, watching more videos on youtube and reading about the 10 most bizarre things people in the Arab countries do isn't the answer. So I shall go and study some more. Or maybe accidentally-on-purpose stab myself with the book cover and die. Biology sucks.