Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My brain just exploded....

...and now i have these slimy brain pieces scattered across the room. :(
What a mess!
Why?...you want to know?
Because of this!
If any of you have ideas similar to her...be aware that I seriously seriously hate you.
What type of girl would want a creepy Pedophile as her boyfriends who tells her constantly he wants to kill her and watches her sleep without her knowing?
The author of this article needs a reality check. She says that reality is underrated. But you're living in it dear lady, you better like it or you're going to have a very sad and pathetic life.


  1. I totally agree with the article. Edward may be a stalker who wants to cannibalize Bella, but "he is impeccably groomed and never has to be lectured about hygiene."

    That makes it all worth it.

    *raises sarcasm hand super high* *dies of laughter*

  2. @amar: *leans against wall and takes deep breaths* You almost gave me a heart attack. For half a second, I thought you were serious D:

    The article-writing girl is deluded. But who am I to judge? Maybe stone cold pedophiles who watch girls while they sleep and get ready for bed ARE mature and and handsome and chivalrious. Oh, yeah. My dream is to be watched my an old man while I'm sleeping *sarcasm hand has grown wings and is flying into the sky*

  3. Haha..xD
    You guys are so creative with your sarcasm hands.
    And btw that girl is a published author.O.o

  4. @darcy: Holy. Crud. Who is it?

  5. Alexandra Adornetto is a Melbourne author. Her new book, Halo, is due for release on August 1.


That was not a request, it was a command. Do it, now.
...or suffer the consequences. *insert scary evil laugh*
Only evil laughs are never scary so..yeah.