Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Post

Sooo first ever post…..

Let’s talk about the things that inspired me to make a blog.


3.The growing conviction that nobody in the real world understands me(TEENAGER ALERT!!!)

And now to the details

g would help.I hope it does.

2.I recently registered at sparknotes and met all these amazing people from around the world.Most of them have blogs and anyway i wanted to show off.:-) Also it seems professional to have a blog.

3.LIKE most of the teenagers i also feel like nobody understands me and my ideas,like everyone is against me and they don’t listen to me so i turned to the saner world of interwebz for help.

well that's all….can’t think of anything else….

horrible thing of the day:somebody on facebook(no idea who,i just like to open up random people’s profiles)wrote in the fave book section:Books and favorites are words which should not occur in one sentense. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! I COULD GO ON A KILLING SPREE!!!!!!!!!

awesome thing of the day:I made a blog! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. DARCY! Hey hey hey! Look who joined in! :P
    Okay, I shall now follow this blog... *cue crazy stalker face*


That was not a request, it was a command. Do it, now.
...or suffer the consequences. *insert scary evil laugh*
Only evil laughs are never scary so..yeah.