Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Glorified Rant..

I call it glorified because people usually don't rant on blogs. Or maybe they do, I couldn't care less...and that's just the point. I don't feel like caring about anything. I suppose this is just another phase of the mad phase of life called Teendom. I feel like my pet chihuahua named pinky died, even though i hate little dogs and would gouge my eyes out before I name anything pinky.
Anyhoo! things seem to be going wrong with me for some time. I realized this when today I Borrowed a copy of Smash (a magazine which is essentially a waste of paper and trees, the poor koalas!, or whatever that live in the trees) from a kid and I found an article comparing Twilight to Potter. You know what it said? It said..."Twilight is more realistic because it teaches love and compels today's teenagers to solve their problems themselves while Potter just relies on magic to solve his problem and sits around." Okay..Ahem..Lets just calm down and call the writer a disillusioned bitch and move on.
The point is, you realize there is something very very wrong with the world when you read things like that. It's like some bizarre dream of a Twihard that you got stuck into because you offended Inceptions director by sticking gum in his hair(painful). I also watched Brokeback Mountain yesterday(yes I can hear the sniggers, the lame jokes and the homophobic behaviour, get a life people or better yet, do us a favour and die). It was one of the most depressing film I have ever seen. I think I'm going to be distressed for a week atleast, with the finals approaching too. Thank you God, you have truly made my life a living Heaven. Without the Heaven part which basically makes it hell. Oh whatever...
Another thing; I don't have a car. When my father cam to visit(He live in South Africa, probably enjoying a life full of booze and promiscuity and booze but whatever, I get my laptops and cells. Also if my mother read this she'll probably kill me. With an axe. My father is a saint apparently) he literally begged me to learn driving and riding a bike. Me, being the cool and cynical person I am, refused point blank because everyone knows how to do those things, so I shouldn't right? Wrong, you imbecile! Quite terribly, horribly wrong. Now I have to rely on other people and public transport(Rickshaws..? Mr. American wannabe?). I hate it.We can't have a driver and so I'm basically, you know, screwed.
So yeah..
-Darcy the sad

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  1. Dude learn to drive! Tis necessary, one can only hitch rides for so long
    nice post btw, and you're not the only one ranting in a post, ranting is pretty much all there is to my blog: (shameless advertisement 3:), i know)


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