Saturday, July 17, 2010


I changed my font.I think this one looks more friendly.

Sooo….This is what happened to me this week:

  I was lying down in my bed reading a book(The Golem’s eye) and occasionally checking my pulse to see if maybe I'd died of the heat(45C), when suddenly i had a brilliant idea! My mother and sister were sleeping. I as the only one awake so why don’t I go get some jaman ?My mother hates them, I love them, so naturally they’re not allowed in the house.

   So i got out of the house. heedless of the scorching sun, cycled to the fruit shop and turned back without the slightest worry in my mind,images of luxuries flitting through my mind(lying down with a bowl full of fruit reading a book with my legs propped up on the wall with GOOD music playing in the background and lights off…that’s luxury for me). As i was thinking of this a horrible thought flitted it’s way in my mind. GUESS WHAT?!?!!?!? Mr-Self-proclaimed-Genius locked himself out of the house without a key!

Oh God…you can’t imagine my horror….I panicked! Hurriedly i estimated my monetary value…the clothes i was wearing were about 1400 Rupees,my mobile about 13000Rupees,My cycle 300Rupees=17200Rupees in total. And if they cut of my hands and legs and made me beg the riches were indefinite. For the first time I acknowledged the existence of the sun and possible molesters and cycle snatchers and maybe even fruit snatcher(who knows?) MY FRUITS!!!  I’m sure you can’t imagine the heat….so i suggest an experiment…..1.boil some water

                    2.put it in a bucket

                    3.throw it on yourself

BUT if you maybe like your skin unblemished, better not do it.

Fortunately nothing exciting happened…i just cycled around here and there(with sweat running down my face and going in my nose and almost drowning me). Incidentally I also ate the jamans. After an hour i gathered enough courage to knock and fortunately for me she was alreadu awake9saving me a lot of scolding)

So an entire afternoon wasted. :( UNDER a searing scorching sun)

and guess whose fault all of this was? That’s right! The man who thought that houses should have doors. You might think I’m spewing nonsense here but seriously we DON’T need doors! If for example we didn’t have a horrible metal gate at our house i would have been able to enter it without any cumbersome(it’s Really heavy) key. I would have been saved the trouble of being mortally afraid of potential molesters. I am so not going to have a door in my house.

Bye People!

P.S Take off your door today!



  1. hey darcy! :D its dandy! ^_^
    haha thats a good and funny post.
    where do you live? im very stupid, so i dont know what jaman is. oh and also rupees(currency, but from where? it sounds cool XD) i also love your book choice. bartimaeus trilogy FTW! <3333333

    Thats a lame comment, but i felt the need to talk about the bartimaeus trilogy. :P

  2. Oh i Loved it.The book i mean.
    jamans are a fruit...they stick to your tongue....
    I live in Pakistan.
    and thanks for commenting....i don't think it's lame. :D

  3. uh... I kinda like my door. Can I keep it? We live close to a prison, so...

  4. HAHA!
    I get so excited to see another comment.

    Keep the keys with you then(especially) since you live near a prison.


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